A seven-week project in the late-summer of 2015 documenting flora growing on the property at Art Farm Nebraska, an artist residency outside the small town of Marquette. During our stay at Art Farm, images and information on specific species were regularly posted on Instagram with the hashtag #artfarmflora.

Over 10 grass, 40 wildflower, and 25 tree species populate the small swath of land, adrift in a sea of corn and milo monocultures. A large number of these plants are native species re-introduced to the land from seeds foraged at the margins of midwestern agricultural modernization—alongside railroad tracks, ditches, and other economically non-productive spaces.

Our effort to document this environment is, of course, incomplete. Future visitors and residents of Art Farm are invited to continue the visual cataloging of this rich, living space.

Find the complete set of images here, on Instagram.