Not Here Not There

mixed-media installation
Art, Design, & Architecture Museum, University of California Santa Barbara

"...The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research offers a collection of disparate objects, spaces, and interactions. Together, these situations encourage viewer participation and reinterpretation. While Sultzer and the Center’s aesthetic is influenced by Constructivist staging, Brecht's epic theater, and Godard's scenography, "Not Here Not There" also alludes to aesthetic representations of our current the theater of war. While some of the installation’s objects may allude to Abu Ghraib imagery, they are removed from specific political didactics and exist, instead, in the boundaries between aesthetics and socially received political significance. "Not Here Not There" does not offer answers, but merely evokes the question: in our efforts to set the stage for a desirable future, what is at stake in the present?"

—Elyse Gonzalez and Diva Zumaya, curators