Heart-y chili

Since it's summer and we've been getting a lot of peppers in our CSA lately, we made chili. 

The secret ingredient in this chili is beef heart.

Locally raised

, grass-fed,


beef heart. Grilled and finely minced. We try to eat organ meats as often as we can, but finding a way to satisfactorily prepare them can be a challenge. Mincing the heart is the key to overcoming the dense texture that many people find unsavory about beef heart. 



grilled beef heart

-2 cans of tomatoes 

-PEPPERS! some spicy, some not, some grilled, some fresh

-black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, add to your liking

-1 onion (we also threw in some leeks that we had in the fridge)

-4 garlic cloves



-smoked paprika & regular paprika

-toasted cumin

-bit of coriander 

Cook the onions and peppers together on the stove for awhile, then add the tomatoes and beans. After the veggies have come to a boil, take them off the heat and put in the crockpot for as long as you like. We did 8 hours on LOW. In the last hour of cooking, add the minced beef heart, spices, and some sea salt. It's done!

We topped our bowls with a giant dollop of sour cream, lots of cilantro & green onion, some queso fresco, and some crispy sprouted tortilla strips that we fried in ghee!