Fairy circles, pecans, & heavy trash day

Fairy circles, pecans, & heavy trash day. Or, the evening before heavy trash day. 

I am thankful for my bike rides to and from work and for walks around the neighborhood. It makes a difference in my mood and my energy levels and is both grounding and connecting.

People wave and shout HELLO! Babies point and their parents smile. In the spring I smelled the jasmine and honeysuckle. And now I smell the ozone and the asphalt and sometimes the sewers and garbage. I see birds and dogs and cats and squirrels and raccoons. And the flowers! Oh my. 

Feeling the sun and the wind and sometimes the rain is pretty lovely as well. 

Walking/biking allows me the freedom to stop and take a photo or investigate a pile of trash or just stop and LOOK for awhile. It is a conscious slowing down and really connecting with the environment you are in.

I'm not too good at identifying trees, but I have noticed quite a few pecan trees in our neighborhood simply because they have pecans growing on them at the moment! They are plump and green right now, so it shouldn't be too much longer. I will eat them! And in a few days 

I will take a walk to collect fallen unripe pecans to use as a

natural fabric dye

Taking time is important.