Sunday Streets and The Flower Man's House

The weather here in Houston is not always conducive to spending a few hours walking around the city, but this Sunday it was perfect. Sunny, cool enough to wear jeans and a sweater, a slight breeze - it was the perfect day to wander around in Houston's Third Ward. 

Starting at Rosewood, we walked down Almeda, turned right on Alabama, crossed over 59, went under 288, took a left on Dowling, and ended up at Nu Waters Co-op and Project Row Houses. 

We stopped in front of the

Flower Man's

house to take a few photos and look around. The house itself is not open to the public and is in pretty bad shape (water damage, mold, rats) but work is being done to save a handful of his artworks and restore them. 

Even though the property is overgrown with plants and covered with detritus, the whole scene was remarkable. The colors, textures, objects, and arrangements all come together to make this a place of uncommon beauty. There is nothing else like this in Houston. 

While the Flower Man's house was most certainly the highlight of the afternoon, there was also an abundance of pecans to be foraged, iced green teas to drink, and a tiny cupcake shop to visit. Oh, and pattern/quilt inspiration all over the place.