Mead Makin' Part 1

I really love the smell of citrus. Lemons, oranges, little tangerine cuties - so bright and fresh and reminiscent of sunshine and summertime. At their sweetest and juiciest in the middle of winter, they are little reminders that warmer days will soon return.

So in an effort to plan ahead for the summer, we picked up some honey and oranges from the farmers market and decided to brew up a mead that would be light and citrusy - the perfect beverage to sip on a lazy day somewhere down the road. 

Wild Fermented
Orange Coriander Mead*

2 quarts local, raw, unfiltered honey
10 quarts filtered water
4 oranges, peeled, cubed
2 orange peels
2 tbs. coriander
1 tbs. grains of paradise

Combine the honey and water in the fermentation vessel, stirring until the honey has completely dissolved. Stir in the oranges, peels, and spices. Cover the vessel with a towel and keep it in a room with a constant temperature. 

*technically a "melomel" since it contains fruit

Over the coming days, thoroughly stir the mixture several times a day. When doing so, stir rapidly in one direction to create a vortex. This process aerates the liquid, stimulating yeast growth.

Stay tuned for Mead Makin' Part 2 and Happy Fermenting!