Current Projects and Exciting News

The most exciting news first: We were accepted into the residency program at Have Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan this fall! We are BEYOND EXCITED for this opportunity and honored to be included in such an amazing and inspirational group of artists and makers. We will be teaching workshops, making zines, using natural dyes, fermenting vegetables, exploring the area, hosting dinners and hanging out from Oct 5th to 13th. Stay tuned for more info! 


Another exciting thing happened this week: we got our Risograph duplicator up and running. After being given to us by a local church last autumn, it spent several months stored away in our shed. It wasn't functioning when we received it, but were hopeful that we could get it working. Fortunately, it was an easy fix, and Houston's freezing winter and generally high humidity haven't caused any electrical damage.

While we still need to find a way to haul the 250lb+ machine upstairs and into our studio, we've started working on a series of collaged quilt patterns to be turned into two-color posters.
A little sneak peek:

And: we started a new project, NIGHT WALK.
More on that to come...