Roads and Residencies: one week in

Outside of Dallas, TX

We've driven over 1,000 miles this past week, from Houston to Dallas to Kansas City to a small town—a hometown—in the middle of Kansas.

We've followed hunches and strayed from the course. While doing so: we've visited with friends; shared kefir grains; listened to Johnny Cash and Hank Williams; passed through ghost towns; bisected the Tar Creek Superfund site; took in the evening scent of mimosa blossoms while touring warehouse districts in Kansas City; climbed ancient chalk monuments; wandered around thrift stores and antique malls; ambled under a blue moon; dropped in to Tim Brown's studio; pontificated on how food, environment, and community are so tightly entwined; and wondered aloud on how imagination and visual expression fit in.

The most toxic area in the U.S.

Inspecting some roadside sumac

Monument Rocks, middle of nowhere Kansas

Brownell, KS

Picnic at Mushroom Rock State Park

Monument Rocks

In the studio:

-we collected 100 black walnut husks with the intention of making a dye and/or ink 
-we started our first pecan dye experiment (updates to follow)
-we began making drawings for the next installment of the BOOTH zine
-we resumed our nightly walks
-we started reviewing source material for a new project, which we will begin constructing upon our arrival at Art Farm

Another mushroom rock

Barn quilt in Abilene, KS

Soft limestone is ideal for carving, apparently

Outside of Dallas, TX

Tree growing in a building in Brownell, KS

Collecting black walnut husks

World's Largest Czech Egg in Wilson, KS