Transitional Artifacts

mixed-media installation and performance with accompanying publication
Fresh Arts, Houston, TX

For six weeks over the summer of 2014, as Houston experienced one of the largest construction booms in the United States, we occupied a local exhibition space and transformed it into our own building site. During the course of our stay, objects, materials, and motivations were gleaned from the surrounding area and brought into the space to be worked, re-worked, built-up, destroyed, removed, returned, and, ultimately, offered to the public. As the installation changed, and the performance progressed, the gallery's wall text was amended to reflect our changing vision. Upon conclusion of the performance, all materials were returned to the area, and an editioned publication was released to document our working process.

Free Press Houston
Houston Press
Houston Matters


Transitional Artifacts is a site-specific installation, kinda like a yard sale, a six-week performance, made with materials found, a work space, a pleasant temperature, ideal for fermentation, a collection, this, that, going to look different tomorrow.

Transitional Artifacts is an open ended inquiry, taking time, a place to rest, a place to meet, in the weeds, walking down a dark street, packing up to move.

Transitional Artifacts is touched, sat upon, moved about, traversed, climbed, knelt upon, laid before, connected to the hand, in the way, at your fingertips, a good place to nap, from point _ to point _, a reorganization, labor without payment, something we can do.

Transitional Artifacts is out of the way, an impression, taking form, a cast, unreliable, a different set of expectations, drying, a pedestal.